Usefulness of Lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is one of Minecraft's less-used minerals. It is often used for decorative and enchanting purposes.

Lapis lazuli, which is much more common than other ores like diamond, is easily identifiable due to its distinctive blue color. The ore is a crucial component of enchanting for most Minecraft players. It is needed to be consumed by the enchanting tables to apply enchantments to equipment.

Lapis lazuli can still be used in many other ways, particularly within the Education and Bedrock editions. It is useful, but not as helpful as other materials that can also be pulled from the game's underground layers.

Although it can't be used to craft gear in vanilla Minecraft with Lapis lazuli, it is still a useful material. It is used as currency to apply enchantments. However, most players are well-versed in its application in building and decorative spaces.

You can use nine lapis pieces to make deep blue blocks. These blocks look very similar to glazed-terracotta blocks.

Lapis lazuli in Minecraft Education and Bedrock can be used as a substitute for blue dye. If they don't have blue dye, players can substitute lapis for it. This is useful for dyeing carpets, concrete powder, firework star, shulker boxes and terracotta.

You can also make blue dye from lapis in any version of the game. You can use it in many crafting recipes to make different colored dyes in Education and Bedrock editions.

Lapis can also be used as a dye in crafting, such as with Education Edition and Bedrock. The mineral can be used to dye the collar of a tamed Wolf or to color the wool of sheep. Lapis is a key component of Education Edition's blue-colored glow sticks, and balloons.

Lapis can be used to make banner patterns or images in Bedrock Edition. Java Edition allows you to do this in a similar way. The loom block performs many of these same functions as banner patterns and images, without the need for a crafting table.