Minecraft speedrunning godseeds

Speedrunning in Minecraft is about killing the Ender Dragon as quickly as possible. This way of gaming is very popular and many people find it thrilling.

Speedrunning can be done on either a particular seed or randomly. The Minecraft world in which players spawn can have a huge impact on speedrun performance.

Speedrunning in Pocket Edition can be tiring. These seeds will improve speed-running performance.

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5 God Seeds to Speedrun in Minecraft Pocket Edition

5) Village near spawn with two Blacksmiths

Seed: 291130325

This seed allows players to spawn close to a spruce community that includes two blacksmith houses. These chests have iron, diamonds, enough obsidian, and enough to make a Nether Portal immediately.

Within two minutes, players can enter the Nether and collect Blaze Rods or Ender Pearls. After returning to the Overworld, players will need to go to 228, 28 and 1304. This room contains the End Portal with one Eye for Ender.

4) Village, Outpost and Ruined Portal

Seed: 1001

The seed will spawn players in a nearby village that has a Pillager Outpost or Ruined Portal. Players can also get some iron and loot from this village. After completing the Ruined Portal nearby, players will be able to enter the Nether and find a fortress within 100 block of spawn at 10872, 286.

Stronghold is located 800 blocks from the village at 891, 26,304. However, it spawns with one Eye of Ender within the portal frame.

3) Spawn in the Village

Seed: 581460029

This seed is ideal for speedrunning as it will spawn close to a spruce forest at 179.88.368 where players can get food and loot. You can find the Stronghold village at coordinates 361, 110 and -899 next to a Ruined Portal. After completing the portal, players can enter the Nether. They will find a Bastion at the -375, 72, -259, and the Nether Fortress, at the -407, 54 and 32.

These structures are all in close proximity, making it an excellent seed to speedrun in.

2) Spawn in Stronghold Village

Seed: -1117844226

This is one of the best seed for speedrunning Minecraft PE. After spawning, players need to navigate to the coordinates -850.71.341. They will find a spruce settlement with one blacksmith.

They can collect all the necessary resources and find their way to the large void in the middle the village at -837 72, 383. This will lead the players to the Stronghold where they will find the End Portal room at 804, 39, 393.

Two Eyes of Ender will be included in the Portal frame, making it easier to use. Players can access the Nether Realm by creating a Nether portal near the End portal. A Fortress can be found at coordinates 97,67, 47, -47. An adjacent Fortress, at -2767,67, and -65, will lead to a Bastion.

1) God seed for Speedrunning

Seed: 520064797

This seed could be the best for speedrunning in Minecraft PE. This seed will spawn players close to a spruce community located at coordinates 811, 67 and 205. During the speedrun, players can accumulate all the resources that they need.

After collecting all resources, players can move to coordinates 875, 63 and 233. Here they will need to break an ice block that crosses a river. They will find a cave opening in the water that will take them to the End Portal.

With 4 Eyes of the Ender, you can create an End portal. You can create a Nether portal by placing it in the room. It opens directly next to a Nether Fortress and connecting Bastion. This seed is ideal for speedrun, and players may be able to set a new world record using it.