Minecraft education edition exclusive items

Minecraft Education Edition is used in schools all over the globe and has many of the same features that other Minecraft versions. Minecraft Education Edition is not intended to be used in games like Java Edition or Bedrock. Its primary purpose is to be used as a learning tool. There are differences between Education Edition Minecraft and other Minecraft versions.

The items in-game are one example of this difference. Education Edition contains items that are unavailable in other versions of Minecraft. They are meant to aid players learning. Here are the top five exclusive Minecraft Education Edition items.

Top 5 Exclusive Items in Minecraft Education Edition

5) Ice bomb

This icy projectile is used to transform water into ice. Ice bombs are similar to eggs or ender pearls and can be thrown in the same way as gravity. Four sodium acetates can be used to make ice bombs by Education Edition players.

4) Super fertilizer

Although this item is similar to normal bone meal, it will produce slightly different results. Super fertilizers will produce more flowers than regular bone meal. You can also make your plants fully mature and plant saplings in one application. You can make super fertilizer on a laboratory table using ammonia or phosphorus.


Bleach can be made by players using a laboratory table. To make it, you will need four water and four sodium chlorites. Bleach can be used to dye white things and can be used in carpets, banners, and wool.

2) Medicine

Minecraft's Education Edition is the only place that Minecraft has medicine. There are four types of medicine available: antidote (elixir), eye drops (eye drops), and tonic. These items do not add status effects but remove them.

1) Portfolio

Portfolios are an item in the Education Edition. This item allows players to save all the photos they have taken using a camera. Portfolios make it easier to organize and access photos. They allow players to add captions and delete photos.