Best addons for Minecraft PE


Best addons for Minecraft PE

Minecraft allows players to customize nearly everything. You can create new worlds, or download fully-built worlds online. They can also modify their worlds using add-ons that allow them to alter the look and feel of their game.

These are the top five addons that players should download.

Top 5 Addons for Minecraft Pocket Edition (2022).

Players can add ons to Minecraft Pocket Edition to improve their game. They include resource packs, animations, and even new items. The addons can be downloaded and installed in the worlds of players.

1) Furnicraft 3D Block

Furnicraft allows players to add furniture and other items to their Minecraft worlds. This addon is great for people who want to personalize their Minecraft worlds and make them feel more real.

There are over 500 pieces that can be added to this addon. You can place food or couches on the tables, as well as bathtubs and chairs.

Most blocks can be rotated to make it easier for players to place them. Some blocks have functionalities, such as chairs and couches, that allow players to sit down on them.

2) New Player Animation V0.6

This addon allows players to make their characters move more realistically and express more emotion. This addon allows players to have fluid animations such as swimming and sprinting. The mod does not cause too much damage to players' devices.

There are many animations available for just about any activity players might want, such as mining, sword attacks or taking damage.

3) Actual Guns 3D

Actual Guns 3D addon is great for anyone looking to improve the combat flow in Minecraft. This addon covers all gun types, including shotguns, pistols and sniper rifles. This amazing 3D gun addon allows players to engage their enemy from far away. To trade for guns, players can talk to the Cleric villager.

This addon is available in both single and multiplayer modes and offers unique animations for the first- and third-person perspectives.

4) SERP Pokedrock

It's a fantastic idea to combine two great gaming franchises. Players can combine the best of Minecraft and the Pokemon universe with SERP Pokedrock. They can battle Pokemon, capture them and even visit cities and Pokemon centers. There are many things to do and players need to be able to use their brains to locate all the Pokemon in different biomes.

There are many recipes available for players to learn how they can craft SERP Pokedrock. These include the Pokedex and Rotomarket as well as a bike for getting around.

Minecraft players can also compete against trainers to earn badges while they search for the Legendary Pokemon that live in the world.

5) SCP Foundation Add on

The SCP Foundation Addon is a great choice for players who want to add a bit of terror to their Minecraft worlds. The addon includes many popular SCPs that players can encounter. As they attempt to survive in dangerous SCP-infested worlds, players can make use of weaponry and other containment methods.

This addon features mobs like SCP-173, which have different behavior from the SCP in the lore. Players who look at SCP-173 may notice that they don't move as long as they make eyecontact. Players must remove them using a diamond axe.